Sunday, October 25, 2009

This Blog is set up to Give rise to Interpersonal Benefactoring.

  • Where with we would have the opportunity to express our gifts Interpersonally. This to put the interpersonal experience back into benefactoring.
  • It would be the same as a 501(c)(4) The benafactor would receive same Tax incentive. It may be a 501(c)(5)
  • Those who would benefit are those at or below poverty level.
  • This Charity would be in addition to current Public and Private 501 & 521 Non Profit Organizations and Foundations .
  • Through the years. It has come to my attention that some think others do not care. While in fact they do. The only ambiguity is that we donate to current 501's & 521's. Of which are not dedicated to the Interpersonal experience.
  • Through the years. It has come to my attention some wish they could donate to a particular person and receive the same tax incentive.
  • As a result what is donated is donated to an entity of distant prominence from the Interpersonal experience .

I urge you petition in regards to the afore mentioned.